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Turk Tries To Clarify "Prison Sex" Comments On 'Drink Champs'

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Right now, Noreaga has the right formula to get his guests, mainly rappers, to spill tea and run their mouths, sometimes to their detriment. Hot Boy and Cash Money Records artist Turk is an excellent example.

Turk had had the internet collectively raising its eyebrows following an interesting explanation of “gay games” men play when he sat down with the op DJ Vlad. Now, the rapper has become the subject of conversation again after Drink Champs host Noreaga allowed him to clear up his comments about having a lot of sex while he was in prison.

Unfortunately for Turk, his attempt at clarifying what he meant led to even more confusion.

Twitter users are now debating if Turk said, “I f*cked, man,” “I f*cked her, man,” or “I f*cked a man.” Some believe he was talking about having relations with a female corrections officer, which, if true, is a huge NO NO.

“I f*cked. You heard me? Now, let me tell y’all something about f*ckin’. See, I’m not gone get f*cked tellin’ y’all who I f*cked, you feel me? But if you a real street n*gga, you already know who I f*cked, you see what I’m sayin’? See, a lot of y’all be like, ‘He must’ve f*cked a punk’ because y’all don’t got no f*ckin’ standards, man,” Turk continued.

The bizarre clip took off on social media after DJ Akademiks shared it on Instagram.

The Reactions Are Pouring In

As for the responses, Twitter is having a field day with the clip, trying to decipher what he said.

Let this be a lesson to future guests on these podcasts, specifically Drink Champs. Try not to go hard on the weed and booze.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Raymond Boyd / Getty

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4. Gay sex riddles ? LOL