Drink Champs

Boddy Shmurda paid a visit to 'Drink Champs' and talked about how he often got caught receiving "neck" in prison. He didn't specify by whom.

When former Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti went on Drink Champs in August, he gave off major creep vibes as he talked about his past sexual relationship with his signee and protege Ashanti in the early 2000s. 


N.O.R.E.'s "Drink Champs" Kanye West interview was as toxic, off the rails and frustrating as anyone would have expected. 


After months of being kept on a shelf somewhere in NORE’s lab, the Drink Champs episode featuring Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), and Dave Chappelle has finally hit the airwaves and it was filled with as much laughter as you’d expect.

Now that Neyo is heading to a divorce it seems he is publicly embracing being a City Boy. He reveals he once grabbed Coco’s donk with Ice-T’s permission.

Rapper and podcast host N.O.R.E celebrated this week that he passed his driver’s tests and got his first driver’s license at the tender age of 44.

Irv Gotti and Ja Rule appeared on the Drink Champs show, and the Murder Inc. boss spilled the beans on his relationship with Ashanti.

Juelz Santana was a recent guest on the Drink Champs show and said that The LOX is a more unified group than the Dipset.

One of the most anticipated podcast appearances is now on hold. Sources say Dave Chappelle has asked that his Drink Champs episode with Black Star be shelved.


A$AP’s been one of New York’s most prominent artists for a while now but lately he’s been making more noise for being Rihanna’s baby daddy (don’t hate) and with that came all kinds of rumors and slander that one would expect from the hatin’ ass internets.


You have to wonder how much of Game's next album Kanye West produced for The Game to make such a statement.