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Bobby Shmurda Visits Nebula

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In today’s episode of Uh…TMI, Sir, But OK, Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda made a recent appearance on Drink Champs where he talked about his time in prison—specifically, the times he got himself in trouble for sexual activity.

“I got some neck,” Bobby Shmurda said during the episode. “The reason I ain’t get no p***y is because they use to violate me. They use to put all the bros in the good houses, they put me in the house with all the cameras. They like ‘nah you on top security lockdown.’” 

Bobby added that he had to “go to the box all the time” because he was caught receiving fellatio, though he didn’t specify by whom.

Listen, between Irv Gotti and Ye, it might be time for us to admit that Drink Champs has become a platform for verbal diary entries that should have been kept in the drafts. Much like the aforementioned, Bobby is out here telling way more of his business than we asked for.

Still, Shmurda is a funny dude, so it’s not like he was as cringy as Irv or Ye. Plus, it’s not like he spent the whole interview talking about illicit sex after lockdown. He also talked about his career and other aspects of his time in prison.

No matter what he was talking about, Bobby Shmurda, as usual, was entertaining AF.

Seriously, how can you not love the guy?

Even when he might be telling us a little too much.