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** UPDATE: According to TMZ, the business split between Iggy Azalea and T.I. was a “mutual decision.” The sites says Azalea left Tip’s Grand Hustle Imprint in 2013, when she was signed to Def Jam.

Though he called on Azalea to rap on his “No Mediocre” single last year, Tip hasn’t had any involvement in the last 10 songs she dropping, including “Fancy.” The two reportedly have a mutual agreement where Tip receives a fee for discovering her.

 T.I. basically told the world that he doesn’t work with Iggy Azalea anymore, but he allegedly forget to tell her first. The Aussie rapper was reportedly surprised by the extreme shade/candor that he expressed to Hot 97 this week.

A source close to Azalea told Global Grind: “She didn’t know there was a problem since T.I. is still collecting publishing checks, and acting like everything is normal between them.”


If we’re being fair, Tip cashing in on Azalea’s publishing doesn’t really have anything to do with the current status of their business relationship. It’s not un-common for a label boss to keep getting paid after abandoning an artist, but he could’ve been polite about it and called her beforehand.

Now that T.I. jumped shipped it’s going to be even harder for her Azalea to be taken seriously in rap, especially since she was pretty much voted off the island.

Tip also took some social media beatings for defending Azalea. Since he has an album coming out soon, he really had no choice but to drop his protégé so fans will forget about all the times he stood up for her.

What a difference a year makes.

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