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It took nine California cops to violently arrest a teen who allegedly committed the infraction of jaywalking. The incident was caught on cell phone camera footage.

Reports Raw Story:

Witnesses said a Stockton police officer ordered the teenager to sit down, but the teen instead continued walking toward a waiting bus, reported RT.

The officer grabbed the teen’s arm in attempt to stop him and then pulled out his baton after the teen “took off the cop’s hand off his arm.”

Bystander Edgar Avendaño begins recording at that point, showing the officer leaning hard on the teen, who is seated on a brick landscaping wall, and then striking the teen with his baton.

The officer then uses the baton to pin the teen’s ankles against his body as bystanders urge him to stop.

“It’s a f**cking kid!” a bystander yells. “Get off him, he’s been jaywalking. Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything wrong.”

The officer repeatedly orders the teen to stop resisting as the teen writhes in pain from having the baton pinned against his ankles.

The teen eventually sits up and tries to push the baton away from his legs, and the officer swings it twice at the teen’s face.

“Get the f*ck off of him, it’s a f*cking kid,” a bystander yells.

The officer backs up and orders the teen, who sits on the wall holding his injured jaw, to get on the ground.

Eight more officers arrived on the scene; with four of them aiding in body slamming the teen to the ground and others trying to get in the way of the video footage.

Let’s give the cops the benefit of the doubt and say the teen was acting belligerently. It takes NINE officers to arrest one teen who looks like he weighs 150 pounds, soaking wet?

Also, the kid wasn’t going anywhere considering he just got socked in the face with a baton.

What was that someone said about a war on cops? Watch the incident below.