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Tracy Morgan is continuing his long recovery from a near-fatal traffic accident and serving as an inspiration to his fans and supporters. At the 2015 Emmy Awards, Morgan displayed moments of humility in his emotional return to the spotlight but not without a signature joke that had the audience chuckling.

Morgan was introduced to the stage by fellow Saturday Night Live alum and Emmys host Andy Samberg, which was followed by a standing ovation. As Morgan made his way to the podium, the camera flashed to some of Morgan’s past collaborators and co-stars such as Tina Fey and SNL creator Lorne Michaels. Actress Kerry Washington was especially animated in cheering for Morgan.

Morgan, visibily moved by the display of adoration, opened up and seemed almost hesistant. Morgan was at the podium to announce the Emmy for Best Drama, the final award for the evening.

“Thank you so much. I missed you guys so much,” began Morgan. Although the crowd missed the dig, Morgan pushed to become the host for the Emmys next year but continued by thanking his wife and others for their support over the past year.

Initial photos and appeaances by Morgan prior to the Emmys showed him walking with the assistance of medical equipment but he took to the Microsoft Theater stage on his own, which he made mention of to more applause.

Morgan, who also mentioned his brain injury, didn’t lose much of his comic punch.

We won’t give away the ending jokes, but we do invite you to watch the clip below that features Tracy Morgan at his funnyman best.

Welcome back, Tracy! We missed you too!

Photo: Fox