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Miley Cyrus will be hosting Saturday Night Live tonight (Oct. 3) and folks are expecting the former Disney princess to bring some of the same edginess she’s been displaying for the past few years. But what everyone is secretly anticipating is how Cyrus plans to respond to Nicki Minaj‘s “What’s Good?” jab during the 2015 VMAs in August. has learned that Cyrus intends to check Minaj, pop darling Taylor Swift, and others in a skit employing SNL actress Vanessa Bayer. Of course, it was Cyrus that started the beef with rivals Minaj and Swift. The Queens rapper aggressively addressed Cyrus’ comments while onstage during the live VMAs broadcast last month.

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Miley has already had a lot to say about Nicki and Taylor, but as it turns out, she’s not done yet! The former Disney star is planning to call out her rivals in a live skit with the help of SNL actress and Miley Cyrus impersonator, Vanessa Bayer. “Currently lined up for the show is “The Miley Cyrus Show” [skit], where Miley will address her feuds,” an insider revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “They are still writing the skit and figuring out who Miley will play, seeing as how she will not be playing herself — those duties will go to Vanessa Bayer.” While it’s still unclear how Miley will address her rivals, if there’s one thing we know to be true about the 22-year-old, it’s that she’s not afraid to say (or do) what’s on her mind.

According to an insider close to Minaj, they told HollywoodLife that she’ll be watching to see what’s said, if anything. But if the statements from the insider are true, Cyrus might want to go into hiding for a bit.

“Nicki’s tired of playing games with these kids in Hollywood and if Miley’s going to attack her on SNL, it’s going to be open season on her Hannah Montana a**,” said the source. “Nicki will be watching the show, keeping both her eyes and ears open for the shenanigans Miley’s sure to come with.”

Okay, then. Looks like SNL just became must-watch television this weekend.

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