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The Department of Justice is reportedly now investigating Ticketmaster & its parent company, Live Nation Entertainment after the highly public breakdown during an online presale ticket event for Taylor Swift's upcoming 'Eras' tour. Anonymous sources close to the DOJ state that they're contacting music venues and other ticket retailers to gauge the company's effect on the industry.

Stormzy caused a stir online after the English rapper happened to get a selfie photograph with Taylor Swift backstage at the MTV EMAs

Political pundit and Donald Trump stan Nick Adams said that Kid Rock should drop an album the same day as Taylor Swift.

Kanye West just won't leave us alone. The rapper returned for his monthly Twitter rant and spewed absolute nonsense...as usual.

The saga continues. The full conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift from back in 2016 when the rapper told her about his salacious line from "Famous" has leaked, and it's a bad look for Yeezy and his wife Kim Kardashian.

Here we go again. While Kanye West may be on a new wave with his “Sunday Services”, Taylor Swift is still living like it’s 2009. In her recent interview with Rolling Stone, Swift once again revisits her feud with Kanye West and talks about the “devastating” moment at the 2009 VMAs when Kanye West jumped on stage […]

There’s no way to deny it, Kanye West grabbed the mic and wrecked Taylor Swift’s VMA’s back in 2009. The Pop singer recently shared her diary entry about that incident.

Taylor Swift took to the stages of the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and delivered a performance some fans ripped off elements of Beyonce’s stellar “Beychella” showing at Coachella in 2018. With a hilarious hashtag, fans on Twitter are ferociously roasting the pop star’s struggle shimmy and hominy hip thrusts.

Taylor Swift has enjoyed massive amounts of success, doing so while not being directly open about her political affiliations. However, the singer turned the heads of her 112 million followers on Instagram by endorsing a pair of Democrats running for Congress in her home state of Tennessee and voter registration numbers have reportedly spiked.

Thanks to Donald Trump the United States of America is now the upside down. We lost Kanye West, but it looks like Democrats have gained an ally in white America’s darling Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift just may be trolling us all to staggering effect. The Pop singer thought it was would a good idea to cover Earth Wind & Fire’s classic “September”—Twitter promptly proceeded to drag her to Hades.

Fans of Kanye West joined together to stream the Chicago superstar's "Hey Mama" track 700,000 times on the release date of Taylor Swift's new LP.