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Donald Trump Jr. Hosts Donald Trump Rally Featuring Performance By Kid Rock

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Kid Rock, a middling struggle rapper at best, is something of a MAGA mascot these days and a favorite of former president and top-secret document hoarder, Donald Trump. Nick Adams, a political pundit who stans for Trump, issued a pair of tweets suggesting Kid Rock should drop an album the same day as Taylor Swift.

Out of respect for your time and energy, we won’t post the direct tweets in question but instead share it in full below.

From Nick Adams:

Under Joe Biden, America is more divided than at any point in our history since the Civil War.

Music brings people together.

It’s become abundantly clear, America does NOT need new music from Taylor Swift.

America needs a new Kid Rock album ASAP to re-unify the country!

Kid Rock should release a new album the same day as Taylor Swift.

People are craving real music with thought-provoking and emotional lyrics. Who better to give it to them than Kid Rock?

I GUARANTEE his album would outsell and outclass hers!

Yeah. Same thing we said. Weird, right? Adams also went on to remix the tweet by saying “the left can keep Tommy Lee” in praise of Rock once again.

Anyway, all this seemingly did was get Kid Rock’s name trending and boy does he ever need the pub. Some might remember the rapper born with a silver spoon who cosplays as a honky-tonk MAGA man got into some static over Swift due to her left-leaning politics.

On Twitter, folks are making fun of the suggestion as they should and wondering what kind of dope is Nick Adams on. Check out the tweets below.

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