Kid Rock


Over the weekend MAGA struggle rapper Kid Rock left his fans in North Dakota feeling hot and bothered and it led to an insurrection-ish moment at the venue he was set to perform in.

In an upcoming interview, the Fox News host sits down with Kid Rock who boasts that no matter how hard folks try that he can't and won't ever be canceled.

The song, "We The People," sounds exactly like you're probably thinking and the requisite shot at Dr. Anthony Fauci is predictable as a right hook from Glass Joe.


Apparently, struggle rapper du jour Kid Rock is still making music. His latest song is some anti-woke nonsense, and Twitter is slandering the goofball accordingly.

"Hick Hop" artist (yes, that's really a thing) Kid Rock will be the featured entertainment at an upcoming rally on Monday (Sept.14).

Kid Rock is inviting smoke that he really doesn’t want to entertain. After insulting the city of Detroit, Royce Da 5’9″ spoke up and told the culture vulture to “shut the f*ck up.”

Music grifter and Klan-friendly artist Kid Rock is learning never to cross Oprah Winfrey. The OG kulture vulture’s Detroit restaurant is closing, at least partly due to his drunken Oprah slander.

Nobody that frequents these parts should ever care about what Kid Rock has to say, and we’re just documenting this fool’s weekend actions for information’s sake. The 48-year-old music artist was at his bar in Nashville, Tenn. and unloaded a drunken rant towards Oprah Winfrey and has since explained the reasoning, but Twitter is baking […]


King kulture vulture Kid Rock (note the number of “K’s”) is hinting that he’s running for Senate. Twitter has plenty to say about this struggle. 

Remember Kid Rock? The culture vulture struggle rapper turned rocker who was adamantly pro-Donald Trump aka Comrade Cheeto Jesus is being considered as potential GOP Senate candidate in Michigan.

Remember when Kid Rock hit the scene as a white rapper, then said forget this, I’m rock and country star now? Well that bozo has a problem with Colin Kaepernick protesting the killing of innocent Black people by police officers. 

A lot of celebs have a crazy fan base, but not many are as ride or die as Beyonce’s beloved Beyhive. You say one thing wrong about the Queen and they will come for your entire life.