R&B singer Ashanti has a stalker situation going on, and the man at the center of disrupting her private life has once again scored a mild legal victory in his favor. Devar Hurd, who tweeted photos of his manhood to the singer’s mother, managed to convince the judge to declare a mistrial, but he was still slapped with other charges. reported on the Manhattan court case, noting that Ashanti had to face the obsessed Hurd inside the courtroom. Hurd has been charged with stalking and harassing Ashanti’s family in times past dating back to 2009, but that hasn’t quelled his allegedly weird ways.


After two days of deliberation, the jury could not reach a unanimous decision on whether Hurd, 36, was guilty of felony stalking.

At his first trial last year, a different judge was forced to declare a mistrial after a juror got sick during deliberations.

But this time around the panel did convict him of 9 counts of misdemeanor criminal contempt, stalking and harassment for sending hundreds of sexually explicit tweets to the Grammy-winning singer and posing for a picture with her little sister in violation of a restraining order.

Ashanti Douglas, 34, had to take the stand again Oct. 1 and endure her deranged admirer giddily question her about the vulgar tweets.

She told jurors in Manhattan Supreme Court that she felt “disgusted, disrespected” and “scared” by the graphic messages.

Adding to the legal drama, the prosecutor in the case will attempt to try Hurd for a third time over the felony stalking charge and Ashanti will yet again have to face him on the stand. Hurd asked to be released without bail, but he’s been imprisoned for two years on a $750,000 bond.

Hurd faces a maximum of two years during his sentencing on Oct. 23.

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