celebrity stalkers

R&B singer Ashanti has a stalker situation going on, and the man at the center of disrupting her private life has once again scored a mild legal victory in his favor. Devar Hurd, who tweeted photos of his manhood to the singer’s mother, managed to convince the judge to declare a mistrial, but he was still slapped […]

Nearly anyone with two working eyeballs will agree that Ashanti is a shining sight to see but for years, Devar Hurd has taken things way too far.

Ashanti’s stalker, Devar Hurd has reportedly been terrorizing the R&B star for years and thanks to the latest mistrial in his harassment lawsuit, he has the right to return on the prowl.

Social media and reality shows have definitely bridged the lines between the aspiring and accomplished artist, but one Atlanta fan/supposed manager took things too far when she showed up at T.I.’s home. Unannounced. At night.