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Nearly anyone with two working eyeballs will agree that Ashanti is a shining sight to see but for years, Devar Hurd has taken things way too far.

The New York man–who infamously tweeted pictures of his junk to the R&B star’s mother–was once sentenced to two years in prison for stalking and recently got out of the crosshairs of the law after a judge declared a mistrial in a follow-up case. However, he was handed a court-issued restraining order, which he recently broke after he decided to follow her sister and tweet Ashanti.

Hurd was in court yesterday, September 30, and represented himself because no sane lawyer would co-sign his craziness.

“She thought I was two-timing her, that I wasn’t being loyal and trustworthy as I claimed to be to her,” the Ashanti stalker wailed in his opening statement, reports the NYDailyNews. “The [prosecutors] want to attack your intelligence today — they want to manipulate you,” he continued, rambling about a conspiracy from the “powers that be.”

Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Werner broke down how Hurd, 37, still actively terrorizes Ashanti’s family.

“The defendant chose not to follow those orders, in fact he intentionally disobeyed them,” Werner said. “They still live in fear of the defendant,” Werner explained. “Ashanti still hires extra security for her protection when she is in New York to ensure the defendant is kept away from her.”

Hurd could face up to four years in prison if convicted. It’s obvious he doesn’t have anything better to do.

Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/