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Social media and reality shows have definitely bridged the lines between the aspiring and accomplished artist, but one Atlanta fan/supposed manager took things too far when she showed up at T.I.’s home. Unannounced. At night.

An Instagram user by the name of The Real Crawlins snapped a photo outside of Tip’s gated mansion (with custom-made graphics; who does that?) in hopes of meeting the Kang for an impromptu business meeting. Yes, you read that correctly.

Via Madame Noire:

Her friend posted a similar image, saying “FOUND @troubleman31 house and stopped by…in #atl tryin to get to #tiandtiny”

The woman ended up apologizing and saying that they only showed up late at night to “talk business”:

“@troubleman31 it was no disrespect we were in the neighborhood and we wanted to let you know, by playing your music, hoping you would come out, and talk business.”

She was dead serious too, and continued:

“So @troubleman31 commented on the page, but has not responded… Love your #music Just gotta say, #tiandtiny we have artists trying to make it. Thanks for the public shoutout, but on some realness, we showed up, to get your attention. And get a meeting with you. Can we?”

Check out the crazy exchange of fandom on the next pages. T.I.’s off-the-field issues are well-known by the local authorities but he obviously wouldn’t think twice about defending his family from harm’s way and we don’t blame him.

Photos: Instagram

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