Ashanti’s stalker, Devar Hurd has reportedly been terrorizing the R&B star for years and thanks to the latest mistrial in his harassment lawsuit, he has the right to return on the prowl.

Reports Page Six:

Devar Hurd, whose been bedeviling the R&B singer’s family for years in an effort get close to her, was giddy when he got to cross-examine her on the stand earlier this week as she glowered at him and squirmed in her seat.

And now to his delight he’ll get to do it again. “I have no choice but to declare a mistrial,” announced Justice Daniel Conviser.

“There is no option under the law to proceed. This is not a good result for anybody.”

The judge told the jurors that an adjournment can’t exceed 24 hours and alternates can’t be used once deliberations begin.

The jurors only got the case Wednesday afternoon after a colorful three-day trial where Hurd chose to represent himself.

Several jurors who spoke to the Post after their dismissal said they were disappointed.

“I think it’s terrible to have two alternates, to go through this whole process and then at this point decide its a mistrial,” said juror Adam Feldman. “She [Ashanti] has to come back in.”

Before the verdict, Hurd told the courts that Ashanti “could have blocked him” on Twitter and other social media outlets, revealing that he actually believed she liked the extra attention.

The singer’s mother, Tina Douglas certainly did not. Hurd was convicted in 2010 for sending her pictures of his junk without shame.

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