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A new track from Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj hit the net yesterday titled “Bottoms Up.”

The single is said to be on Trey’s upcoming Passion, Pain & Pleasure album due to hit stores September 14th, the same day as Kanye West’s Good A** Job.

Trey and Nicki gave fans a chance to see them interact late Tuesday on UStream, as they talked about the song they recorded together.

Nicki took the opportunity to interview Trey herself and asked him to explain to their fans how they came together for the collaboration.

“I’m in L.A. for BET weekend and I’m working on a couple records and I hit Nicki….and I say I think one of them would be my first singles and I need you on this….she came through she checked it out….no lie two or three days later I got a verse back that was just STUPID…I was like oh my Shyte, I love you….you killed it.”

According to Nicki, she had been asked by several people to collab with Trey and when she finally got the opportunity, she shut it down with him to make it a “movie.”

“When I heard the song I shut down…I just wanted to make it a movie. I just lived with it and then all of a sudden it just came to me. I’m just happy that I got to keep the energy up.

Nicki also explained the part in the song where she changes her voice to mimic the late Anna Nicole Smith. Nicki says the part almost didn’t make the cut because she thought the singer would think she was crazy.

“The Anna Nicole Smith part, I could imagine me saying to you, “My booody” and I was gonna take that part out because I said “Trey’s gonna think I’m crazy!” but everybody was like, “yo you gotta keep that part in.”]

Nicki also says that on the track that was not Nicki Minaj rapping but her new alias, Roman Zolanski who she describes as “spastic” and “crazy.”

“I told them that’s not Nicki Minaj on “Bottoms Up”, that’s Roman. Roman is very spastic. Roman is crazy. Roman is weird and Roman doesn’t care. “

Nicki’s new alias is not to be confused with Roman Polanski  the polish filmmaker who stood trial for the rape and sodomy of a 13-year-old girl.

Nicki plans to explain her Roman Zolanski alias on her new album.