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The new Captain America, known to Marvel comic book fans as Sam Wilson AKA The Falcon, has been rocking the red, white and blue since last year. However, it appears that Cap has angered the pundits of Fox News, who says the superhero is going after conservatives.

The hosts of Fox & Friends actually spent part of their weekend broadcast to focus on the dangers of Captain America and his supposed fight against the Right. After co-host Tucker Carlson opened up the segment, he hands over the spotlight to his Clayton Morris who then speaks on Marvel’s supposedly lagging comic sales and so-called “PR stunts.”

Carlson chimes in and explains that Captain America’s new nemesis isn’t someone related to longtime enemy HYDRA, but the Sons Of The Serpent, a bunch of zealous, pro-Constitution radicals who are especially harsh on immigrants. Carlson took a swipe at liberals by stating “unlimited illegal immigration” as the main aim of the Serpents.

“He’s [Captain America] got a new odd enemy,” Morris said. “Instead of going against Hydra and the typical Captain America villains, he’s going up against conservatives. That’s his new enemy.”

Watch the segment via Raw Story in the clip below.

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