To put it simply, Waka Flocka Flame wants off Atlantic Records. The Atlanta rapper took to Twitter to let the world know he’s not too happy with his longtime label home, amongst other grievances.

“I f*cking hate my label,” tweeted the “No Hands” rapper. “Atlantic Records —– LET ME BUY-OUT F*CK!!!!”

Flocka wasn’t done. He added, “Labels don’t do shit for the artist #FACTS Labels don’t invest #FACTS Labels hire a bunch of amateurs to keep cost down #FACTS.”

Flock actually started his rant by expressed his disappointment in BET for holding their Hip Hop Awards during the Million Man March (they were actually on a Friday while the march was on a Saturday).

In other news, Flocka recently endorsed himself to become the Speaker of the House.

See more of Flocka railing against the record label machine on the following pages. We reached out to Atlantic Records for comment, but haven’t heard back yet.

Wak Flocka’s last album, Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family, was released in 2012.

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