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The ambience of starting a management company soon dissipates, as Reggie sees that dealing with clients who are magnets for trouble might not be worth the money in the season finale of Survivor’s Remorse.

Jupiter channels his inner Jameis Winston as he gets caught shoplifting marshmallows and disciplined in the dean’s office… in separate incidents! Reggie is fed up because he can’t understand how athletes with Jupiter’s potential could throw their opportunities away over dumb sh*t. As Missy so eloquently reminds Reggie, Cam could’ve turned out the same way if not for Reggie’s positive influence.

We all need guidance in our lives, and not everyone can place the same value in success or have the foresight to do better when it’s warranted. Reggie shows humility to Cam, probably for the first time ever in the series, by admitting his misstep in signing Jupiter. The decision to drop Jupiter and return his contract to Deshaun may be tough in the short term, but Cam and Reggie agreeing to represent higher moral character clients could prove to be fruitful in the long run. Especially now that Reggie has a potentially huge deal ont he table to go into business with Tom Werner!

Cam’s eyes are flooded with heart emojis as he continues his courtship of Allison. When Cam is focused on anything, he puts 100% effort forward and sees it through to completion. He realizes that he’s smitten and needs to figure out if it’s love, so who better to ask than Uncle Julius! Julius’s reluctance to clearly define love tells me that Cupid hit him with poision darts instead of arrows. One gem of wisdom “If you’re over the age of 12, and you’re asking another man over the age of 12 if you’re in love, then you’re in love!” was all Cam needed as perspective.

Cam still expresses himself materially. Although he’s rich, in Allison’s presence money becomes nothing more than a means to an end, and he proves that by purchasing Allison a new Escalade to replace her hoopty. Allison loves the car, but opts to decline the gift. To me, she doesn;t want to be bound by extravagant gifts to Cam, as women can get themselves in trouble. Gifts could represent a commitment of the Nas/Ginuwine “You Owe Me” variety, and she’s probably not all the way convinced of Cam’s maturity. Cam has grown up a lot over this season, but it’s clear in many areas he has a ways to go.

The cliffhanger at the end of this episode had me in the fetal position for about 10 minutes. IMDB lists Survivor’s Remorse as a drama, but the subject matter is conveyed so smoothly with a mix of comedy and realism that you almost forget that. Julius’s car accident did not look good at all, and M-Chuck’s premonition of calling Allison’s old car a “death trap” could be foreshadowing to us losing one of the funniest and favorite characters on the show. All the good will built throughout the episode came crashing down in a sea of conflicted emotion. Needless to say, if the goal was to have fans of Survivor’s Remorse waiting with bated breath for season 3, then mission accomplished!

What a season, and what a cliffhanger to end the show. Did we lose Uncle Julius for good? Join me and Hip-Hop Wired next season to find out!

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