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A Rhode Island Applebee’s chain has come clean about not paying an autistic prep cook for an entire year. The company has decided to give him 480 hours of backpay — after his family proved that the 166 hours they offered was wrong.

The cook, 21-year-old Caleb Dyl, was placed in the Applebee’s gig by the Resources of Human Development, a non-profit that receives state funding. Somehow, his paperwork got all mixed up and he went unpaid, and nobody said anything.

Dyl’s parents filled out tax and direct deposit paperwork for their son’s checks, but they never came. Finally, Applebee’s caught the error, and decided to stop taking advantage of the mentally disabled employee. They also said he never clocked in, which is something that his caseworker was supposed to help him handle.

The state is now investigating Dyl’s case.

Photo: screenshot