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The University of Mississippi, better known as Ole Miss, has removed its state flag from campus grounds amid much protest. The flag, which featured a smaller version of the Confederate Flag symbol, was a point of contention for several students for the past few months.

From The Daily Mississippian:

President of the UM NAACP Buka Okoye has been an activist in having the flag removed from campus.

“This was extremely unexpected but I’m very excited,” Okoye said. “Thanks be to God for the University acting and for acting quickly on the side of the students and faculty.”

Okoye said the removal of the flag from campus is a sign that progression is possible and he is looking toward the future.

“This is one small step in the structure change we want to see at the University,” Okoye said. “I’m positive for the future because of how quickly the administration acted.”

The school’s student body came together and voted into action Resolution 15-13, which called for Ole Miss to remove the flag because of the Confederate Flag symbols.

The flag’s removal is still being met with some resistance. Interim Chancellor Morris Stocks didn’t firmly support the resolution, going so far to say that the flag held a different meaning for others but yielded to the will of the activists.

Photo: Stuart Seeger/CC By 2.0