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Some residents of the south simply don’t get it. No less than 24 hours after a Alabama 5th grade teacher apologized for transforming into the blackface Kanye West, does a high school student named Emma Johns out of Hilliard, Florida present her Nicki Minaj blackface Halloween costume to the world.

The student proudly proclaimed she was alongside her king on the homecoming court as she was seen in sporting a leopard-printed leotard, bleach blonde wig and sloppily applied brown paint all over her body. Her male companion complimented her racist outfit by dressing up as Drake, but at least he had the common sense to pump his brakes at wearing a OVO t-shirt and painting Drizzy’s infamous beard shadow on his face.

Barely an hour into the post being live did the girl’s mentions catch a blaze, just as The Kid Mero predicted would come to pass. After making her Twitter account private was enough to douse the flames, she deleted her account entirely.

If you or anyone you know doesn’t see an issue with a Nicki Minaj blackface costume or anything of related offense, click here and educate yourself for the greater good of society.


Photo: Twitter