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Once you get to a high-level station as an artist, your tour rider is going to reflect the excesses you can afford, and demand. Such is the case with the hotel suite requirements of Jay Z and Kanye West

TMZ got their hands on the riders of the “Otis” rappers and they fall in line with people who can get whatever they want.

For example, Yeezy must have vases that are cylindrical (seriously) and black towels. Oh yeah, he also needs three bottles of Hennessy Paradis—which is about $1000 a pop.

Jay Z’s suite better be 71 degrees and don’t you dare charge him for that b0ttle of Ace of Spades.

Also, Hova is a family man, so Blue Ivy must be taken care of by assuring there are no sharp corners in the suite and that electrical sockets be covered. Child safety, there is nothing extra about that.

Photo: YouTube