Ben Carson hates CNN. Or at least that’s how it sounded when he called in for an interview with Alisyn Camerota this morning. Carson got into a combative exchange with Camerota because she kept bringing up stories about his past.

This is why Carson prefers Fox News, the channel he says saved the media from biased partisan reporting. Of course, that opinion itself is biased and likely partisan since Fox News leans towards the GOP.

Carson’s CNN interview started with non-political questions, like whether or not he tried to stab some dude back in the day (he says it’s not a lie). “To say that I’m lying about my history, I think it’s pathetic,” Carson said. “It’s what the media does to get you distracted with all this stuff so that you don’t talk about the things that are important because we have so many important things.”

He played victim too, accusing CNN of vetting him differently than President Obama. “So you’ve done your job,” Carson griped. “Kudos. Let’s move on.”

They moved on to Syria. “You’ve got multiple different factions in there,” Carson explained. “We ought to take note of the fact that they’re fighting so many different factions, decide how we can work in a way that’s a disadvantage to them, knowing that they’re fighting all these different factions. That’s the kind of strategy that we need.”

From there, he moved on to Isis, and ideas to “disassemble” the terrorist group. “We also need to recognize that It’s not just Syria. We have to realize we’re dealing with a global Jihad movement, Isis is a part of that. We need to make them look like losers and not like winners.”

Per usual, most of what Carson said is more obvious than specific. Towards the end of the interview he’s pretty much over Camerota’s questioning. “I can’t believe that you used to work on Fox News,” he told her with a laugh.

Watch the full interview below.

Photo: WENN

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