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Your favorite ESPN character, Stephen A. Smith is being called out over his new and improved views on Greg Hardy’s domestic violence situation. After standing behind Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones’s support of the defensive end, Smith changed his mind once photos of Hardy’s battered girlfriend were released.

“When I saw those pictures for the first time Friday, I said ‘My God, why is this guy in the NFL?’” Smith said on Sports Center.

In 2014, Hardy was arrested and later convicted of assault and threatening ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder. He received 18 months probation though the case was later dropped, and charges were expunged from his record after Holder became uncooperative.

Flash forward to over a year and photos of the assault are everywhere, which brings us back to Smith.  He apparently needed visual proof to sway his opinion and clarified that he secretly didn’t feel like Hardy should be playing in the NFL, but figured if anyone’s going to scoop him it should be the Cowboys. “Because he got a 10-day suspension and then it got cut to four days and then the league said he’s eligible to play… I’m thinking ‘somebody’s going to take him, so what’s wrong with Jerry Jones taking him?”’

Interesting logic.

Smith now thinks Hardy needs to be cut form the Cowboys “immediately” while others are pointing out the hypocrisy of his words. We should also note that when Ray Rice’s domestic violence video was all over the place, Smith essentially said women have to stop doing things to get abused.

It seems that his opinion on the domestic violence is ever-evolving. Check Smith’s explanation below, and hit the flip to read how Sports Twitter reacted.

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