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Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is currently vying for the title of the biggest jackass in the upcoming election and Trevor Noah managed to put it all into perspective during a recent Daily Show montage.

Carson has been making an effort to not only scapegoat his treatment of that of a young President Obama but to play up his former “criminal past” in order to make himself appear as an Honest Abe.

He recently told FOX News how he once attempted to stab “a close ‘relatitive’ of his,” to which Noah quipped how he made amends by calling him up and saying, “Hey, remember when I stabbed you? Anyway, see you at Thanksgiving. What do you mean I’m not allowed to carve the turkey?” Carson has also begun to distance himself from a tone-deaf rap campaign ad he released just last week that Noah also had a field day clowning.

The biggest story muddling Carson’s campaign at the moment is how he has conveniently forgotten how President Obama was lambasted with every inch he took towards the White House. Anyone who reads any extreme right-wing publication will see how the commander-in-chief is still being labeled as either “an immigrant,” “socialist,” or “Muslim” (if not all three) and Noah let Carson hang by his own words.

“Yeah, so they vetted Obama to the point where they questioned whether he was a legitimate natural-born American citizen,” Noah observed. “But at least no one ever accused Obama of not stabbing a guy.”

Watch the full Trevor Noah Ben Carson skit down below. It is seven minutes well worth it.

Photo: Comedy Central