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Redman a.k.a. Reggie Noble is living proof that a true MC’s pen never dulls. Sometimes they just have to adjust to the times to stay afloat.

That is one is challenge the former Def Jam All-Star now turned Gilla House label boss doesn’t mind delving in because he still has the skills to pay bills and still cop some weed on the side.

This feat was evidenced from his mind-blowing BET Cypher, followed by the feel-good times of his new single, “Dopeman,” which serves as the first single for his upcoming LP, Mudface. Funk Doctor Spock sat down with Hip-Hop Wired for a very engaging interview and touched bases on everything within his particular baseball diamond.

“Actually Twitter hit me up [during the airing of the BET Awards] and told me I blew the circuits that night,” he recalled. “Big ups to Twitter.” When asked how much different the playing field was given his newfound independent empire, the veteran MC had no problem outlining the good and the bad.

“It’s learning experience…and now that we’re independent–this is our second or third year being independent–we’re taking that knowledge [from the Def Jam days] and applying to our independent game. But it is an extra job getting up in the morning and making your own phone calls. The car service you use is out of your own pocket but we’re dotting the ‘i’s’ and crossing the ‘t’s” and we getting this sh*t down.

Watch part one of our Redman interview in the player above. As you can see from the closing moments, we have much more to share. Additionally, Mudface is currently available for pre-order on iTunes ahead of its November 13 release date.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired