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The South Carolina “mystery candidate” for the Senate seat is getting his wish now that the unemployed military vet is being honored with his own action figure.

The Charleston River Dogs, a local minor league baseball team, is handing out action figures of Alvin Greene during Saturday’s game.

The figures were originally set to be replicas of the statue of liberty but the team opted to put pictures of Greene’s face on the statue instead.

Greene previously suggested that action figures of himself could “stimulate economic growth” and after hearing his idea, River Dogs General Manager Dave Echols agrees.

He tells the Associated Press,

“Who better epitomizes the American dream that anything is possible than Mr. Greene?”

Greene says the team didn’t consult him before making the action figures but says,

“As long as it looks good and is in good nature, I’m OK.”

The River Dogs are known for their bizarre promotions and set a record for having no fans in the stands on Nobody Night before trying to have Vasectomy Night on Father’s Day.