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If you’ve been trolling the Internets lately then you maybe heard a rumor about a certain Hollywood actor who has HIV. Apparently it’s Charlie Sheen, and he’s ready to announce it on the Today show.

Reports TMZ:

Charlie Sheen will reveal to the world that he’s HIV positive.

Sources connected to NBC’s “Today” tell TMZ … Sheen will sit down with Matt Lauer on Tuesday morning to make the announcement.

NBC touted the interview in a press release as Sheen making a “revealing personal announcement.”

A tabloid report came out Monday claiming Sheen’s been keeping the diagnosis secret for years. You’ve gotta imagine he’ll address that report tomorrow morning on “Today.”


According to another TMZ story, Sheen has known about his status for over a year and told friends, but not his sexual partners. The word got out, and ex partners threatened to sue, forcing the multi-millionaire into several settlements in exchange for confidentiality.

Sheen basically became notorious as a party boy who rotates women like tires. If the report is true, he’s the biggest celeb to admit an HIV diagnoses since Magic Johnson more than 20 years ago.

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