Charlie Sheen has absolutely no chill. Last night (Dec. 28), the controversial actor took to Twitter to humbly request that God basically kill off Donald Trump next. 

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Charlie Sheen stated he is not sure how or when he acquired the HIV virus but if the new rumors of his behavior in between the sheets pan out, it should come a surprise to no one.

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Support for Charlie Sheen has been pouring in since he confirmed that he was indeed HIV positive.

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The late rapper Eazy-E’s son knows first hand how HIV can affect a family. Lil Eazy-E believes Charlie Sheen is blessed to take advantage of better treatment and can help raise HIV/AIDS awareness. 

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Charlie Sheen just reminded the world that the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV is still very real and incredulous to race, gender or even sexual orientation.

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On the TODAY Show this morning (Nov. 17), Charlie Sheen confirmed that he indeed is HIV positive. The actor revealed that he was diagnosed four years ago and has paid out millions to keep it a secret.

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If you’ve been trolling the Internets lately then you maybe heard a rumor about a certain Hollywood actor who has HIV. Apparently it’s Charlie Sheen, and he’s ready to announce it on the Today show.

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Charlie Sheen was reduced to running joke status ever since his infamous meltdown in 2011 after being booted from CBS’s Two and a Half Men. Sheen, who had a few glimpses of success since, is back in the public eye but for all the wrong reasons – attacking President Barack Obama with a racist tweet.


Celebrity is very much a double edged sword. The money and access can be amazing but the scrutiny can expose even the most polished stars as unstable. And then there are some who just bug out.

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Former cooking show maven Paula Deen got cooked, no pun intended, by Twitter after admitting her fondness for the N-Word in a court deposition. Although the one-time Food Network star went on a “I’m Not A Racist” apology tour, it all rang hollow in the end. Deen isn’t the first celebrity to show racist tendencies, however. 


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