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Charlie Sheen was reduced to running joke status ever since his infamous meltdown in 2011 after being booted from CBS’s Two and a Half Men. Sheen, who had a few glimpses of success since, is back in the public eye but for all the wrong reasons – attacking President Barack Obama with a racist tweet.

Sheen, who has gone on record saying he believes that the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington were part of an inside job, went after Mr. Obama today with a racist tweet using broken English and disrespecting the leader’s name. The reason for the jab? Sheen was angered that the president undertook his yearly tradition of filling out his NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tournament bracket instead of paying respect to fallen soldiers.

More from Page Six:

The former “Two and a Half Men” star, 49, attacked the president — whom he refers to as “Barry Satera Kenya” — for filling out his bracket on ESPN, an annual tradition during his presidency, when he can’t find the time to go to a soldier’s funeral.

Unsurprisingly, Sheen’s main gripe — that the president cares more about college basketball than dead soldiers — is bogus.

The Daily Beast pointed out that the so-called “Greene Report” and the myth that President Obama didn’t attend or send a representative to the funeral of Major General Harold Greene, a soldier killed in Afghanistan, is false. Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel actually attended the service, but to heck with the facts.

Just in case Sheen takes down the tweet and the associated photo of the president filling out the blank, here’s what he wrote:

“Barry Satera Kenya

u won’t attend a

soldier’s funeral uhkros

da street that u kild

yet u hav time

4 brackets?

s a d


Stay classy, Charlie Sheen. Never change.

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