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Celebrity is very much a double edged sword. The money and access can be amazing but the scrutiny can expose even the most polished stars as unstable. And then there are some who just bug out.

Take Lamar Odom for example. The former NBA player and now full time reality show husband has had a very turbulent 2013. Just when you think we had seen his worst with allegations of a crack cocaine habit to rumors of hiring prostitutes, we get a video of him barely coherently rapping shirtless? Yes, shirtless.

But this is not the first nor last time you’ll catch a celebrity loosing their marbles. Whether it’s the drugs, “exhaustion” or temporary insanity, it is bound to happen again.

So we present the 15 greatest celebrity meltdowns caught on tape. Some of these epic moments you have enjoyed previously and some you might be seeing for the first time. Beware as some of this footage is NSFW.

Nevertheless let us know which moment you found most bizarre in the comments section.

Photo: Youtube

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