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The late rapper Eazy-E’s son knows first hand how HIV can affect a family. Lil Eazy-E believes Charlie Sheen is blessed to take advantage of better treatment and can help raise HIV/AIDS awareness. 

Reports TMZ:

The late co-founder of N.W.A. died from AIDS in 1995 when Lil Eazy-E was only 10. Lil Eazy told us, he thinks Charlie is lucky because he will have a full life expectancy due to medical advancements. He points out there were no lifesaving treatments for HIV when his dad passed away.

Lil added, there are a lot of similarities between Sheen and his father — mainly the fame, wealth and women that came with it. He says the biggest difference is Charlie will get to see his kids grow up.

Sheen revealed his HIV positive status yesterday morning (Nov. 17) on the TODAY Show.

The actor revealed that he paid people millions of dollars to keep his diagnosis secret.

Photo: Instagram