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Producer, label executive and motivational speaker DJ Khaled did something most would consider foolish but turned it into a glorious moment that had social media abuzz. DJ Khaled began his Monday with a jet ski adventure around Miami that turned into him getting lost at sea at night, all documented via Snapchat.

While the jokes and such flying in at rapid speed last night, it was Khaled’s unbreakable will to win that galvanized us all. Instead of calling for help or something practical, Khaled took us along on his harrowing journey in the dark Florida waters.

It began easily enough with Khaled driving his jet ski to Rick Ross’ home for lunch, then jetting off to his next destination. Eventually, Khaled was having a bit too much fun on the vehicle and lost track of the time. Long after sunset, Khaled realized he made a grave error and was lost in the dark. The Snapchat was popping the entire, however, and he tried using his iPhone flashlight to illuminate a path.

Because social media is the gift that keeps giving, Khaled’s Snapchats and responses on Twitter were light-hearted and kept everyone abreast of Khaled’s moves.

Thankfully, the big-voiced mogul made it back safely with a warning that what he did was far from safe.

Check out some tweets below and on the following pages of DJ Khaled’s lost at sea jet ski adventure.

Photo: Twitter/Snapchat

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