Meek Mill is pulling out all the stops to avoid returning to jail for a parole violation, but will it be enough? The Philadelphia rapper, and alleged bodybuilder, is due to testify in court today (Dec. 17), where a judge supervising his parole seems to be leaning toward sending him back to jail for at least a few months. 

A number of people have spoken in court on Mill’s behalf, including his girlfriend Nicki Minaj. Add the legendary Kenny Gamble of Gamble & Huff to that list.

Reports the Associated Press:

Gamble, who co-wrote a slew of 1970s R&B hits, said it would do no good to send the 28-year-old back to prison and instead suggested he work with Philadelphia youth.

“This man is not a criminal. Putting him in jail is not going to help at all,” said Gamble, who runs several local charter schools.

However, Judge Genece Brinkley, who has been supervising Meek’s parole since 2009, reportedly feels his actions have been akin to him “thumbing his nose” at the legal system.

Among the indiscretions have been Meek reportedly submitting water instead of urine for a drug test, a past problem with pain killers and showing up for show in cities where he did not have permission to travel.

Defense witnesses blame the travel lapses on the chaos of the music industry.

“The unpredictability of shows is, unfortunately, part of the business,” testified Shawn Gee, who manages The Roots and helps manage Minaj’s career. “A large portion of his income probably comes from those one-off tours that are inherently unpredictable.”

All jokes aside, we don’t want to see Meek Mill go to jail.

But all of these infractions seem to be situations that could have easily been avoided, but in a worst case scenario he can get hit with two years of Fed time.

As his Instagram post below denotes, he’s looking to a higher power to help him out of this predicament.

According WHYN reporter Bobby Allyn, Meek’s sentencing has been schedule for February 5, 2016. In the interim, he is not permitted to travel or perform.

During his testimony, he reportedly said “I am not a gangsta” and apologized to the DA for rapping about her.

Photo: Instagram

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