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Black Republican and Florida Congressional candidate Allen West recently held a town hall meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida defending the Tea Party and shunning the NAACP.

West’s town hall meeting comes as the ongoing firestorm between the two organizations continues.

As previously reported the NAACP passed a resolution asking Tea Party leaders to denounce the racism in their organization.

Tea party express spokesman Mark Williams fired back at the group, calling them racist themselves and described them as “coloreds who want to bring slavery back” before he was expelled from the organization.

Now jumping to the Tea Party’s aid is West, who claims that racism is a non-issue in America especially for a man who does not consider himself Black or African American, just solely; American. In a blog entry he calls the group “useful idiots” and tells the Republicans at his town hall,

“African-American, Black American, I see myself as an American. The only reason people are going back to trying to use this race card is because the other side is scared. They’re trying to stoke something that really, ladies and gentleman…we’ve moved beyond…Institutional racism is over.”

Attacking the NAACP, the candidate also says that while his mother was a lifetime member of the organization, they’re clearly wrong about the Tea Party. There’s surely no racism in the group because they’ve asked him to speak at several of their events. [Like a good ole boy]

“The NAACP, my mother was a lifetime member of the NAACP, the purpose of the NAACP is to improve the conditions within the Black community, not to be a political hack job. They have gotten outside of their own mandates…I do not condemn the NAACP but I do condemn the resolution that they put forth. I’ve been to six or seven tea party events and I didn’t see any racism. If there was they would not have asked me to come speak.”

Awww did they pat you on the head and offer you a treat for that too? SMH…

Check out West’s town hall below.

How can you defend a group who has a spokesman that writes letters like this?

Nice to see Uncle Tom is back in his cabin everyone is still entitled to their own opinion.