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As part of the second annual Black Christmas string of protests, Black Lives Matter supporters charged into Minnesota’s Mall of America, demanding justice for Jamar Clark, one of the virtually countless African-American males who had their life ended by law enforcement without proper reasoning.

Of course, there were arrests, as police swooped in to clear the way for citizens who wanted to continue their holiday shopping. And for your information, not even supporter happens to Black.

Reports the Associated Press:

Stores closed their gates, kiosks were covered and even Santa left his sleigh at the Mall of America shortly before hundreds of protesters began chanting for justice during a Black Lives Matter protest on Wednesday.

The protesters gathered in the mall’s central rotunda on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and then abruptly walked outside. Many chanted “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” Police urged onlookers out of the mall’s central rotunda, threatening arrest.

Organizers said protesters, who were heading to a nearby light-rail train station, wanted to draw attention to the police shooting last month of Jamar Clark. The 24-year-old black man died the day after he was shot by Minneapolis police responding to a recent assault complaint.

A similar demonstration last December drew hundreds of demonstrators angry over the absence of charges following the police killings of unarmed black men in New York City and Ferguson, Missouri. Stores in the mall had to close, and dozens of people were arrested.

The privately owned mall said another demonstration would mean lost sales. The massive retail center in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington houses an amusement park and more than 500 shops spread across four floors, attracting shoppers from around the globe.

Neither mall officials nor Bloomington police said what security measures they put in place to prepare for the protest, though special event staff members were searching bags and stationed at every mall entrance. Security guards cordoned off parts of the central rotunda, and officers from several cities patrolled inside.

Dozens of stores had closed their gates shortly before the protest started.

Protestors have since moved on to the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport.

Take a look at some of the scenes from protests at the Mall of America from last year to see what the cops prevented.

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