Sheniz Halil just became a household name after her glorious assets made the cover of Kanye West‘s The Life Of Pablo album. Although West is married to a woman with one of the most famous bottoms in the game, it was Kim Kardashian who actually picked out Halil to be featured on her husband’s highly anticipated project.

Halil, 27, states on her Instagram page that she’s been published in magazines around the world. She also adds that she was Miss Swimsuit USA London’s winner and was also a brand ambassador for Bally Singh‘s Rich List Showstoppers. But while Halil has seen her career growing at a respectable clip, the Yeezy and Kim K cosign has been her biggest boost to date.

As reported by TMZ, West’s art team put Halil on Kardashian’s radar and she made the final selection among several photos from the model’s IG stash. One glance at the photo and it’s not hard to tell why she did so. And of course, there is the obvious look-a-like theories abound on social media bringing more attention to the matter.

Halil is taking it all in, even though West didn’t ask permission for the photo. Taking to Twitter, Halil tweeted, “Nope no permission it’s awesome but no idea.”

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Photo: Instagram

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