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Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber is dishing details on his favorite acts in Hip-Hop and relationship with Drake.

The Canadian singer is on a world tour, traveling from city to city and performing his hits including his hit singles “Baby” featuring Ludacris and “Somebody To Love” which features Usher on the remix.

In his latest interview Bieber says his fellow Canadian Drake is like a big brother to him and boasts about knowing all the lyrics to 2pac’s “Thug Nation” by the time he was 10.

He tells VIBE that in his I-Pod is Lil Wayne, who he calls his favorite, as well as Michael Jackson, Eminem and rap legends like 2Pac and Biggie.

“My iPod is really scattered. Boys II Men, Snoop, Prince, Eminem, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Gucci Mane, all of Young Money… Lil Wayne is my favorite, Biggie, Pac—my dad introduced me to 2Pac when I was nine and I could rap all of Thug Nation by the time I was 10. Front to back, I could still do it.”

Bieber proves that he can still remember classic cuts from Pac by reciting lyrics from “Dear Mama” and when asked by VIBE if his street cred is still intact he replies,

“A little bit…”

The 16-year-old pop star also touched on his relationship with Drake who he says has reminded him to stay humble and be himself.

“He’s great. He’s a really good artist. He’s like my big brother. He definitely tells me to have fun with what I’m doing and stay humble. It’s really important. I’m touring right now and writing a little bit on the bus. Seeing new cities and different crowd reactions. I think that really [my success] is because I’m genuine. I’m myself. I don’t hold back. I’m just being me and doing what I love and having fun. People like that. People can see character and whether you’re doing it for the money or definitely love doing it for real.”

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