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Maurice Ashley, the world’s first internationally recognized Black chess grandmaster, has taught the game to elementary school children and to celebrities. In a recent video clip that has since gone viral, Ashley uses his prodigious chess abilities to school a slick talking street chess hustler and beats him handily.

Ashley, who has carved out a living as a chess teacher, ESPN commentator, author, lecturer and many other titles too numerous to name, was a featured guest on author and personality Time Feriss’ show, The Tim Feriss Experiment. In a bonus scene, Ashley squares off against a street player in a timed contest that was caught on film. Ashley used his charm to handle the situation while the hustler tried everything to win the game including some sleight of hand cheating.

Our explanation of the contest doesn’t do it justice, so watch Grandmaster Maurice Ashley take this chump to town on the chess board in the clip below. You can learn more about Ashley by following this link.

[h/t TIME]

Photo: screen cap