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Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 brethren Rowdy Rebel, called in for interviews with This Is 50 to discuss the crew, being locked up, and more. Bizarrely enough, the interview is recorded directly from a cell phone call, but rather than pulling the audio, the interviewer stands in an empty room (which is terrible for sound) holding his phone on speaker, as Shmurda speaks from behind bars.

During the talk, Schmurda reveals that he’s been moved from Rikers Island to a Westchester facility because he’s a high profile inmate, and is asked about menial topics like rap beef. Being that he’s behind bars and has much bigger things to worry about, he wouldn’t engage in any slanderous comments towards fellow rappers. “First of all, I’m in jail, how am I gonna beef with somebody in jail? I don’t even do rap beef, that’s not my character,” he said.

As the interview continues, he talks about not “choosing sides” in the Meek Mill vs. 50 Cent pettiness, being in contact with the MMG rapper along with Fabulous, and finally, his bail situation. Shmurda has been denied bail release seven times since his arrest in December 2014.

His bail is $2 million, an excessive amount for the 21-year-old Brooklyn native.“They tryna hold me in jail as long as possible.”

Shmurda believes his Constitutional rights have been violated, with the numerous bail denials. Luckily he sounds optimistic, and speaks on Martin Shkerli, the pharma CEO accused of fraud who attempted to post Shmurda’s bail only to be arrested himself. He’s since been released, but has kept up ridiculous antics in the press, that Shmurda is likely unaware of. “I hope he beats his case,” Shmurda said of Shkreli.

Watch the full interview below.


photo: Scott Roth/Invision/AP

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