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Kanye West‘s outsized ego leads to plenty of praise, and great music, but it also elicits plenty of slander. Case in point, Philadelphia PD and Pizza Hut have trolled Yeezy, offering the “Real Friends” rapper jobs after he admitted being $53M in “debt.” 

Mind you, Yeezy’s definition of “debt”—pouring all that money into his fashion line, short film, and other ventures—probably isn’t the same as a civilian not being able to pay a bill or two because their salary doesn’t cover it or running up your credit card bills.

Regardless, Philly PD and Pizza Hut (specifically, Pizza Hut UK’s Twitter account) took it as an opportune time for jokes. Pizza Hut offered West a gig rolling dough, while Philly’s Finest mentioned a starting salary of $47,920 would dig him out of the hole by the year 3122. The latter took it to the next level by photo shopping West’s face onto a cop’s.


Someone needs to change Yeezy’s password so he can take a Twitter break. Seriously.

Photo: Twitter/@PhillyPolice


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