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If you copped a subscription to TIDAL just so you could listen to Kanye West’s new The Life Of Pablo album, you’re not the only one. Reportedly, the music service’s paid subscribers more than doubled thanks to Yeezy’s new album being a TIDAL exclusive. 

Reports TMZ:

Sources connected to Tidal tell TMZ … “The Life of Pablo” has already been streamed more than 100 million times in less than two weeks, which is a record for the service. We’re also told subscribers to the app have more than doubled from around 1 million to 2.5 million. 

In fact, we’re told the album’s been so successful his team is discussing plans for another release, which may include a physical copy.

Tidal reps have been tight lipped about numbers, but they’ve gotta be happy with this: The new subscribers could eventually add up to at least $15 mil in additional revenue.

However, the TIDAL exclusivity means West’s albums will not be appearing on the album charts. In a statement to EW, Billboard revealed that TIDAL was not properly accounting for the albums streams to Nielsen Music, thus the LP wasn’t eligible for its charts.

We’re sure TIDAL and its artist owners aren’t complaining, too much, if they consider the revenue. TIDAL’s latest artist owner is Atlanta rapper T.I.

Photo: Instagram/@hairweavekiller