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The long-delayed and highly controversial Nina Simone biopic starring Zoe Saldana will be out this spring, presumably due to the success of the Oscar-nominated Neflix doc What Happened, Miss Simone? Of course, a major difference in the early reception of between projects is that Saldana’s role has been met with scrutiny for years now. 

The Dominican actress’s lighter skin tone and previous comments on race (which are different from Simone’s well-noted stance) are just two of the many gripes about the film. Unfortunately, Saldana’s prosthetic nose and darkened make-up, isn’t wining over naysayers either.

Nina, is now slated for release April 22, in theaters and through video-on-demand. The first trailer, and the movie poster were released this week.

Watch Saldana in Nina below. Hit the flip for Twitter reviews.

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