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Hip-Hop is hardly known for practicing that old saying of, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” However, Styles P is teaching Troy Ave another well-known proverb, “some things are better left unsaid.”

After taking shots at  Joey Bad$$ earlier this week, many Hip-Hop fans felt that Troy Ave crossed the line when declaring that Joey’s man and Pro Era brethren, Capital Steez, was “burning in hell” because his passing was the result of suicide.

Troy then added more fuel to the fire when he got on Sway In The Morning and said, “God gave you life. It ain’t your right to take that.”

While everybody’s entitled to their own religious beliefs, this was viewed as more of a slap to the face than an actual view of faith.

How does Styles P fit into all of this? Well, back in July of 2015 he revealed in a heartfelt Instagram post that he and his wife had been dealing with the pain of their daughter having taken her own life.

In respect to that, Styles took to Twitter to G-check Troy Ave about his choice of words stating, “When you have no sensitivity towards others pain that ain’t being gangsta. That’s being a fuckin’ creep.” He continued, “I ain’t talking about his dis track I’m talking about the way he spoke on people who committed suicide on sway.”

Troy Ave hopped on Twitter to apologize for his judgments saying “I respect it OG U been a supporter but I know suicide is a touchy situation and hits close to home.” He then apologized to his fans who might’ve felt a certain ways about his statements. “Matter fact if any of MY fans was offended by me saying ALL people who commit suicide was bozo’s my bad I’d neva purposely diss my #RealOnes.”

While he didn’t make amends with Joey Bada$$ in his tweets, Ghost offered to broker a peace treaty between the two Brooklyn rappers.

Hit the flip to see the tweets that went down between the Ghost and Troy Ave.


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