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We’re going to say sneakerheads, and resellers, have good sense, but there are those who are fools. As for the latter, while stunting that he copped $10,000 worth of the coveted Air Jordan 12 Master, this reseller have multiple pairs swiped out of his car trunk, while the camera was rolling. 

This is a case of when being the plug goes wrong.

What the clip and you’ll see one guy ease off with a box or two while dude had his back turned. Take note when the reseller looks off in the distance as the thieves make their getaway—that’s him witnessing the jig. Your friends aren’t really your friends, homie.

The Air Jordan 12 Master is going for at least $400 at Stadium Goods. Watch the struggle go down below.

[H.T The Shoe Game]

Photo: screen cap