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Shaniaya Hunter, like many young girls in high school, probably faces the social pressures of being a student and the threat of insults. However, she most likely didn’t expect her schoolteacher to be the one flinging hurtful words in her direction.

Hunter, a junior at Greene County High School in Greene County, Ga., was using a school-issued iPad to record a lesson. The teacher allegedly said on the recording words no student should ever have to accept from a person placed there to educate them.

WSB-TV reports:

Shaniaya Hunter, a junior at Green County High School, has an eye condition that sometimes has kept her out of class.

In December, she was trying to catch up right before a test and asked the teacher a question.

The teacher allegedly said, “I have been around for 37 years and clearly, you are the dumbest girl that I have ever met.”

Hunter was recording a lesson on a school-issued iPad when the teacher said things about her she’ll never forget.

The teacher also allegedly told Hunter, “You know what your purpose going to be? To have sex and have children, because you ain’t gonna never be smart.”

“It really hurt me inside,” Hunter said.

Now that details of the matter went public, Hunter’s mother and family attorney Ben Windham are trying to get the veteran teacher out of the classroom environment. Windham took on the case pro bono and is focusing his energy on getting the teacher properly removed from the Greene County School system.

During WSB-TV’s report, Hunter was emotional as she recalled the December incident. Hunter’s mother, Cathy Wright, vowed to “keep fighting” until the ordeal is resolved.

Photo: WSB-TV