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Bobby Shmurda‘s legal woes continue on, but his mother says that the “Hot N*gga” rapper is keeping busy behind bars. In an exclusive chat with XXL, Leslie Pollard says that her son is writing movie scripts while she continues to lobby on Shmurda’s behalf to get his staggering $2 million bail reduced.

Ms. Pollard covered a variety of tops regarding her son, born Ackquille Jean Pollard, and explained that the 21-year-old was influenced early on by Michael Jackson. While that seems hard to fathom given Shmurda’s tough talk on wax, what’s might be more understandable is that she says her son is penning a couple of movie scripts.

From XXL:

So he is writing new music?


Does he ever write outside of that? Poems, or anything?

No, he writes a lot of music

Can you share anything that he’s written that you remember?

Well, let me go back, he’s also writing a script for a movie. He said he has two movie in his head that he’s working on now.

Did you know him to be big with movies or interested in that?

Yeah, he loves music but that’s something he was always interested in transitioning to. He loves the whole Will Smith thing. That’s something he’s very interested in, acting. I don’t know, have you ever met Ackquille before? He’s very animated and comical.

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