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Gene Simmons is the co-founder of Kiss, a fine rock band, and also off his rocker. Like many before him, the 66-year-old has foretold for the death of rap and is actually looking forward to it. 

However, Simmons’ latest round of malarkey (back in 1994 he said Hip-Hop shouldn’t be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) comes a few decades after it went out of fashion and illuminates his profound tone deafness to reality.

“I am looking forward to the death of rap,” Simmons told Rolling Stone magazine. “I’m looking forward to music coming back to lyrics and melody, instead of just talking. A song, as far as I’m concerned, is by definition lyric and melody … or just melody.”

Simmons says he’s pretty much never been a drug user, so that excuse isn’t going to fly. Nevertheless, Rolling Stone gave him an out, but he chose to dig a deeper hole.

“I don’t have the cultural background to appreciate being a gangster,” he says. “Of course that’s not what it’s all about, but that’s where it comes from. That’s the heart and soul of it. It came from the streets.”

So you need to be a gangster to appreciate rap music? All those rap fans in the suburbs and PTA meetings must clearly be confused. Sounds like you got some bigot tendencies there, Gene.

Also, anyone want to introduce Simmons to his brethren Drake? We say brethren because Simmons is also Jewish and because Drizzy loves to sing over melodies.

Sorry to disappoint you, but rap—more accurately Hip-Hop—will be here forever.