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After the visual for “Formation” and Super Bowl 50 performance lauded praise and controversy for its nods to Black Lives Matter, Beyoncé is again ready to get people talking. Reportedly, Bey has rallied Trayon Martin, Mike Brown, and Tamir Rice to appear in her upcoming music video.

Details are of course scarce but a tweet from The Bey Hive further solidified the rumor. Bey’s new video is likely to continue the socially conscious theme threaded through “Formation,” as Brown, Rice and Martin, are among the most notably tragic examples that helped propel the Black Lives Matter movement into a global fight against racism, and police brutality.

Rice, 12, had a toy gun in November 2014, when he was killed by a Cleveland cop within seconds of officers arriving to the park where he was playing. In Brown’s case, he was unarmed and gunned down by a cop in Ferguson in August 2014. The cop, officer Darren Wilson, claimed Brown was rushing towards him before he opened fire.

As for 17-year-old Martin, the teen was killed in February 2012 by George Zimmerman, a trigger-happy-neighborhood-watch member, who also claimed the victim was the aggressor.

Zimmerman was tried and acquitted of Martin’s murder, while the cops who killed Brown and Rice were never charged.

Photo: Twitter